best place to sell art

Who is “Pinterest for Artists & Makers” for?

No matter where you are in your art career or journey the art market is constantly changing. There are so many places an avenues to get your artwork out into the world and in front of potential collectors. I can’t tell you the best place to sell art over all, but I can tell you one of the best places to sell art online. If you’re an established artist, a hobbyist, a craftsman, or just someone looking to boost their online web traffic the best place to sell art online that I know of is Pinterest.

  • Established artists
    If you’re already an established artist but not utilizing Pinterest as a core part of your marketing strategy you are missing out on millions of viewers, tens of thousands of dollars, and exponential growth opportunities. I of course can guarantee you will experience all of these things, but I can speak for my own experience the experience of several of my friends who have mastered Pinterest alongside me. Pinterest is a core part of my marketing strategy. Through this platform I’ve: made strategic brand partnerships, sold tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise, increased my website traffic by over 60%, increased my email subscriber list by thousands, received hundreds of millions of viewers on my content. You have incorporate Pinterest to your marketing strategy.
  • Craftspersons of all kinds
    If you make a physical product, not only fine art, but if you’re a craftsman of any kind Pinterest can benefit you. People use the platform to get inspired, to look for ideas and to shop. People are looking for beautiful, unique items. Anything that you make yourself can be marketed on Pinterest. Even if you don’t have your own website and are using a 3rd party site like Etsy, you can still direct people to your products using Pinterest. Whatever you make, Pinterest is one of the best places to sell art online.
  • Hobbyists
    Even if you have no plans to become a professional artist, getting your work out into the world is still important for the hobbyist. Especially during a time of social distancing many in person venues are not opening for art shows. If you’re a hobbyist who still wants people to see your craft get new eyeballs on Pinterest. Here you’ll find fresh eyes and more people to see the work you love to make.
  • People interested in using Pinterest to boost their web traffic
    This course isn’t just for artists and makers. The information in this course is applicable to anyone who wants to grow their web traffic and online sales. The content in this course was tailored to artists and makers, however the principles and tools can apply to any small business seeking to grow their visibility and online sales. The content in this course is applicable for anyone from artists, to web designers, photographers to bloggers.

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