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Learn how to drive thousands of people to your website & reach millions of viewers monthly while only spending about four hours a month on Pinterest for business.
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I spend significantly less time on Pinterest than any other marketing platform, yet it generates more than 60% of my web traffic, sales, and opportunities. Pinterest marketing is the one thing that has changed the success of my art career more than anything else, I want you to have that success too. To get a better grasp of what I mean, check out this short video. Whether you’re just getting started in your creative career or a seasoned business owner, everyone can benefit from these Pinterest for business secrets.

Artists & Makers

This course is for your pinterest marketing

This course was made for makers, those of us who are driven to create beautiful things. Whether you’re a fine artist, a sculptor, a potter, a textile artist ... any art that is visual is made for Pinterest marketing. If you follow the instruction in this course consistently your could see:

  • See dramatic increase in website traffic
  • Generate more consistent inquiries & leads
  • Boost your revenue and sales
  • Boost your confidence in putting your art out into the world
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  • “Christine! Thank you for being so open with your knowledge and experience.
Your wisdom and knowledge have really 
helped me grow my business. You are my inspiration!”
–Chloe R.

  • "This course is jam-packed with so many tips and action items for growing my Pinterest. Christine breaks it down step by step showing you exactly how simple it is. No gimmicks, just the facts." - Julie L.

  • "I've only been using Christine's techniques for 2 weeks and I already have over 50,000 monthly viewers. I can't believe I waited to use Pinterest for so long, I never thought about it as a business tool." - Bethany F.


A Class with Benefits

What you get in PINTEREST for business

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Pinterest for Business gives you tools to increase your business and much more. The class includes:

  • Ongoing access to all of the modules

  • Module worksheet to personalize your learning

  • Mobile access to take your classes on the go

  • Certification icon upon completing the course
  • Membership to our exclusive Facebook community
  • A personal invitation to our Pinterest Tailwind Tribe

  • A built in community of fellow creators to share and hype your content on Pinterest

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What you will learn

Class curriculum



More than an online class

7 Video Modules +
Download worksheets

Beginning with the first video module, you’re going to get access to concrete action items that you can customize to your brand and your product.

Lifetime access &
free updates!

You can work through the course at any time, from anywhere, as long as you have internet access! Do it at your pace!

Built in Community that will
be sharing your pins

Purchasing this course gives you access to member exclusive groups where fellow makers will be sharing your art.

Did you know that a single pin lives on for years and only grows in engagement over time? Compared to content that only gets traction for a few hours on the other sites like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest continues to drive traffic back to your website years after you have pinned. That’s worth your investment!

Frequently asked questions

just the facts ma'am


Art is my side hussle, not my full time job, will this help me?

If your goals are to become a full time artist, or to bring in more revinue with your art, then YES! You need to start marketing on Pinterest, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start seeing results and might be able to make those gains sooner rathe than later.

Art is my side HUSTLE, not my full time job, will this help me?

If your goals are to become a full time artist, or to bring in more revenue with your art, then YES! You need to start Pinterest marketing, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results and potentially make those gains sooner rather than later.

Is this class just for beginners or for established artists too?

Both! Whether you are a new or established artist, if you’re not focusing on Pinterest for business as a main part of your business strategy, you’re missing opportunities and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

Will I get all of the modules at once? or will I have to wait?

All at once! This course is built for you to go at your own pace. Once you join the class you’ll get all of the videos, downloads, support tools, and instant community.

What if have questions during or after the lessons?

That’s the reason we are creating a community in the private Facebook group. We can answer each others questions, share tips, advice, and best practices.

Let's get Pinning!

We're in this together

Together we can build your Pinterest for business account into the most profitable tool in your business. I can’t wait to start repinning your pins on my Pinterest. I’m here, by your side, along with a whole community of other artists cheering you on as you share your work on Pinterest! I’ll see you there!

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